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Improved output, Improved packaging, Best quality, Peace of mind.

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No ozone, No positive ions, Trillions of negative ions per second.

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All models come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty for you peace of mind.


No other ionizer on the market comes close to a NaturAir Ionizer's performance.


Twin Air Negative Ion Generator

  1. Our Twin Air (standard) Ionizer emits trillions of Negative Ions with the measurement at 12 inches being over 100 Million Ions/cc.
  2. Produces No Ozone and No positive Ions.
  3. Runs Quietly and very energy efficient.
  4. Covers up to 430 square feet.
  5. Size 3in * 7in * 12in (7.5cm * 18cm * 31cm)

Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator

  1. Our Twin Air Pro Ionizer emits trillions of Negative Ions with the measurement at 12 inches being well over 200 Million Ions/cc.
  2. Produces No Ozone and No positive Ions.
  3. More than DOUBLE the output yet quiet and still energy efficient.
  4. Covers up to 640 square feet.
  5. Runs on 90-240v.
  6. Size 3in * 7in * 13in (7.5cm * 18cm * 33cm)

Twin Air Titan Negative ion Generator

1. NOT for regular house-hold use.
2. The new Twin Air Titan emits trillions of negative ions with the measurement at 12 inches being well over 300 Millions Ions/cc.
3. Produces no ozone and no positive ions
4. Almost double the output of the Twin Air Pro.
5. Covers up to 640 sqaure feet. (increased saturation)

6. Size 3in * 7 in * 13 in (7.5cm *18 * 33cm)



2019 NaturAir Negative Ionizer product features


- Trillions of Negative Ions produced with a minimum measurement of 100 million (Twin Air) and 200 million (Twin Air Pro) at 12 inches from the front of the Ionizer.
- Guaranteed to produce NO OZONE and NO POSITIVE IONS.
- 1 YEAR WARRANTY with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you smell any ozone or detect any positive ions.
- Heat sensors to protect our products from overheating and failing.
- Negative Ions are generated through the "Corona Discharge" method.
- Our Ionizers remove Pollution (PM2.5) and greatly increase indoor air quality.
- High density Negative Ionizer powerful enough to fill large areas with negative ions. Ideal for offices or rooms at home.
- Product reviews/feedback can be read here

What Can you expect from a NaturAir Negative Negative Ion Generator.


- Trillions if negative Ions being produced every second.
- No Positive Ions or Ozone produced that can harm your health.
- An Ionizer that run silently, yet produce the amount of Ions required to affect health.
- An Ionizer strong enough to fill large rooms in the home improving air quality and health.
- A Product designed to last you years without worry or need to replace parts.
- An Ionizer with a warranty should things go wrong.
- A product from a company who cares about their product and customers.


Review done on our Twin Air (standard model) and posted to YouTube by a customer from the USA all the way back in 2016. Shows the ion output using a basic Ion Meter and the Ozone levels measured by a professional Ozone Meter




NaturAir Negative Ion Generators perform as advertised. They produce a very large amount of Negative Ions, all while producing so little ozone that it can't even be measured. No Positive Ions are produced at all.

What you are left with is a very powerful negative ion generator performing at the same level as products 5 times its price. You cannot go wrong if you buy one of our products.



We have closed all our Amazon shops bar the US one. We hope our customers will buy direct from us, our checkout is secure, our delivery times are very quick and we care about our products being the best ionizer you have ever owned. We guarantee this actually, no other ionizer on the market is as powerful and safe as a NaturAir Negative Ion generator.

Our returns policy buying direct is the same as the one Amazon and their third party sellers are required to offer and on top of that we offer a 1 year manufactuers warranty. For more details on our Return Policy please click here