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How NaturAir came to be

NaturAir was established all the way back in 2016 and is continuously growing, expanding our products and companies selling our products.

Moving from England to Shanghai, we very quickly realized the air quality here was not great, we needed a serious solution to tackle the dreadful air quality that comes often in Shanhai. Air purifiers didn't seem to do much so we starting looking into alternatives and that's when we realized the power of negative ions.

Finding the right negative ion generator was an immediate problem however. So many Ionizers making claims ranging from reasonable to absurd, but none of them really emitted the amount of negative ions that were required to effectively make a difference to health and air quality. The ones that did emit very large amounts of negative ions, proved to also emit unhealthy amounts of ozone as a by-product. Air cleaning units claiming to emit large amounts of negative ions but upon testing we found that very few negative ions actually left the unit (The majority registered 0 ions/cc at 12 inches). They were all used up as part of the cleaning process. Many Negative Ion Generators claiming to emit 3, 6 or 20 Million ions per second, but in truth, 3, 6 or 20 million ions per second if measured by the emission head, ends up being 0 just a few feet away. Ion count drastically drops the further away you move from the source. Not to mention the fact that they are constantly being used up or absorbed in our homes. You need something to that can emit a very high amount of negative ions without the ozone to get the benefits often written about.

In January 2016 we started manufacturing our first ionizers, had prototypes built according to our specifications and NaturAir was born. Since then we have further improved the output and reduced noise levels (They run completely silent) of our products ensuring that the latest models are better than anything else available on the market. Trillions of negative ions silently produced resulting in Ion measurements at 12 inches from the Twin Air being over 100 million ions/cc, the Twin Air Pro well over 200 million ions/cc and the Titan a staggering 300 million ions/cc at 12 inches.

NaturAir future plans

We hope to grow more and more and eventually have the NaturAir brand name well known and associated with high density, quality negative ion generators that can be trusted. We believe every home should have a Negative Ion Generator and will do our part to ensure there is at least one brand that delivers exactly what it claims.