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Why we don't want Ozone or Positive Ions in our home.

Facts about Positive Ions and Ozone. A NaturAir Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer does not produce ozone or positive ions.

Negative Ions and Ozone are not the same thing. In fact, we want as many Negative Ions as possible in the air we breathe, whereas we want to avoid breathing any Ozone. The same goes for positive ions, any ionizer emitting positive ions in any way should be avoided at all costs.

A negative ion is an oxygen atom with an extra electron. It is ODOURLESS and vital to health.
A positive ion is an oxygen atom lacking an electron. It is odourless and damaging to health.
Ozone is an oxygen molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. Ozone can be smelt easily even in low concentrations and should not be breathed in for extended periods of time.

No Negative Ion Generator / ionizer on the market today should be producing large amounts of Ozone or positive ions as a by-product. Ozone is extremely unhealthy if inhaled in large concentrations and is something we definitely want to avoid having in our homes. Positive ions make us feel good for a short while, but then results in fatigue, headaches, drowsiness, nausea to name but a few.

Unfortunately, positive ions are on the march all around the world. Creating and using electricity got them started, so they’ve been causing trouble since the lightbulb came along.

Now, with wi-fi, cell phones, computers, big-screen TVs, remote controls, smart meters,  and all the rest, positive ions are positively out of control. And pretty much nobody knows that. Well, media, medical, and other poobahs don’t talk about positive ions, so how would we know? But we sure need to know. Where do positive ions do the most damage? The endocrine system! It’s not surprising that the incidence of thyroid problems has gone from 20% of the population to 50%–or more. And what controls all of health? The endocrine system!

Nor is it a surprise that allergies and autoimmune diseases are afflicting more and more people. Whacking the immune system, an unsung hero of the endocrine system,  means that’s what you get.

Negative ions breathed in high concentrations for prolonged periods of time give us energy, vitality and most importantly fight the negative effects of positive ions. We want to be around negative ions as much as possible. Sitting next to waterfall, walking on the beach or in a forest all day makes you feel great. Negative ions are extremely important to having a healthy, disease free body.

 ***Effects of Negative ions***  ***Effects of Positive ions***

1. Decreased respiratory rate

2. Decreased basal metabolic rate

3. Decreased blood pressure

4. Produced a feeling of well being

5. Increased vital capacity

6. Decreased skin temperature

7. Acceleration of the conversion of succinate to fumerate

8. Stimulation of cytochrome

9. Decreased eosinophilia and lymphocyte count

10. Increased CO2 combing power of plasma

11. Decreased blood sedimentation rate

12. Decreased muscle chronaxie

13. Increased ciliary activity

14. Increased frequency of mitosis

15. Increased resistance to infection

1. Inhibition of growth of tissue cell cultures

2. Increased respiratory rate

3. Increased basal metabolism

4. Increased blood pressure

5. Produced headache, fatigue, nausea

6. Produced nasal obstructions, sore throat, dizziness

7. Increased skin temperatures

8. Depressed rate of ciliary activity

9. Increased muscle chronaxie

10. Altered alpha wave of the EEG

11. Reduced succinic oxidase activity in the adrenals

12. Increased the blood level of 5-hydroxytryptamine

"The Ion Effect" by Fred Soyka