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Improve meditation with increased levels of negative ions.

With the stress of modern life, more and more people are turning to some form of mediation to relieve stress and strengthen their bodies. Taichi, qigong, neigong and yoga to name a few. A NaturAir Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer can greatly enhance the benefits received.

I have spent many years in the pursuit of a worth while system to improve my health. My search led me to China, where I was accepted by a great master who could demonstrate the profound effects that prolonged meditation can have on the body.

Having a teacher is extremely important, if for nothing else,  for the guidance and wisdom they can impart onto you. One very important factor of successful meditation is where to meditate. Where are the best locations to meditate to get the most out of whatever system you may practice.

Meditating outside is 100 times better than meditating inside. Practising in or near a forest, next to the beach, next to a waterfall and in caves gives a completely different effect to practising inside the home. We must avoid meditating near power-lines and near high voltage transformers, in fact, we should avoid living near them altogether. The question really is why recommend some places, and recommend avoiding others. The key component from my personal experience and research is the level of Negative Ions.

 Location Ions/cm3 (Approx)
  Waterfall  5,000-100,000
  Cave  5,000-20,000
  Forest  1,000-5,000
  Countryside  700-1,500
  City Streets  0-300
  Home  0-100


Yogic texts state that if you want to improve your health through breath work then you should meditate in a cave or near a waterfall, the best place would be a cave behind a waterfall. The place with the highest level of negative ions being the top recommended place. Places that have no Negative Ions or high levels of Positive Ions are said to have bad qi (chi), and are highly recommended to be avoided when meditating.

The true masters in china can emit qi in the form of an electrical current. A powerful consuming force that forces the muscles to contract. Real qi is extremely powerful and can be felt by anyone. The particle in nature responsible for electrical current is electrons. The flow or movement of electrons create the force that we call electricity. Negative ions are merely oxygen particles that have an extra electron attached. They give energy and vitality to the body, promoting many basic functions in the process with studies suggesting they protect us against free radicals.

If we consider the vast amount of benefits gained from being exposed to negative ions, whether from nature, or from a powerful Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer, then it is easy to see that they are an extremely important part of internal cultivation. Qi cultivation and Negative ions go hand in hand.

The kidneys are probably the most important organ when it comes to Meditation. They are linked to Jing. We all want high levels of Jing, even though no one is quite sure what Jing is and there being too many theories to mention. Regardless of what Jing is, when you have high levels of Jing, your body functions better.

The kidneys have various functions but two of them that really stand out when it comes to cultivation are

  • Red blood cell regulation: When the kidneys don’t get enough oxygen, they send out a distress call in the form of erythropoietin, a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to produce more oxygen-carrying red blood cells.
  • PH regulation: As cells metabolize, they produce acids. Foods we eat can either increase the acid in our body or neutralize it. If the body is to function properly, it needs to keep a healthy balance of these chemicals.

Here we can see, the kidneys regulate red blood cell production and regulate the body's blood PH levels. Low blood PH levels mean less oxygen and hormones can be carried by the blood. The same goes for lower counts of red blood cells. These two things influence the function of the entire human body in a very similar way to jing. Low jing levels have the characteristics of low Blood PH levels, and high jing levels have the characteristics of high blood PH levels. Healthy blood pH is between 7.2-7.45. When disease sets in, the pH value drops, and we can see this clearly in cancer patients who eventually end up with acidic blood pH levels as low as 5.

An interesting interview with Dr. Noburu Horiguchi studying the effect of Negative Ions from a powerful Negative Ion Generator / Ioniser.


Disease thrives in an acidic environment and the absence of oxygen. We want to do all we can to avoid this state within our bodies. Negative ions do many things, but my personal experience with them has been a dramatic increase in Kidney Health leading to improved overall health.


Most of my life I had been struggling with kidney yang deficiency. I had cold sweaty hands, lower back pain and many more symptoms related to kidney yang deficiency and low jing levels. After having a negative ion generator and training close to it for about two months, I started to notice a difference. Hands were warmer, less sweaty, lower back pain was becoming less and overall my health started to improve.


At the time of writing this page (back in 2016), 7 months since starting to use a negative ion generator to aid my training and health, my kidney yang deficiency was almost completely resolved. This was confirmed by a very skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. I felt healthier and I really looked forward to finding out what my health situation will be like after a year. A year later it became clear that negative ions were a wonderful aid to my recovery, aiding my body to heal faster, but was not a magic pill. I worked hard on all aspects of my life, negative ions were only a small aspect a much greater effort in returning to a completely healthy state of body. Those who wish to use negative ions as an aid to better meditation and better health will be making a right choice in getting our products. It's the ideal starting point to turning a life around focussing on health, better diet, better lifestyle choices and less stress.


I get much more out of meditation now than I ever did before. I truly believe in the beneficial effects of Negative Ions, especially when combined with daily exercise, a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Regardless of which Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer you buy, ours or elsewhere, we truly hope everyone will get one for their homes. They are in our opinion essential to live a healthier, disease free life. Not a miracle cure, but something that gives your body the best fighting chance to be healthy and pain free.