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Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer FAQ

Frequently asked questions about NaturAir Negative Ion Generators and Negative ions in general.

Does a negative ionizer protect you against the Corona Virus?

"From various sources we can be confident in stating this.
A powerful ionizer can reduce airborne transmission of viruses by over 90%. They do not kill off viruses, nor do they help you if someone directly coughs or sneezes on you. People are still required to wash their hands often, avoid touching their faces with unwashed hands and always wash hands before eating.
So it’s like this, the ionizer will keep the air clear of the virus and reduce airborne virus matter significantly. But, surface areas should still be sanitised often, masks should still be worn, hands should still be washed often.An ionizer is by far one of the most beneficial products anyone can have in this time, however, still requires some common sense. Everything said is backed up by studies for people who do search for it. They also boost the immune system but people shouldn't think they can’t get sick with an ionizer present, just the likelihood of getting sick reduces significantly as long as basic hygiene is also adhered to."

Why do NaturAir Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers look the way they do?
Our Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers have their current design from years of experience. Negative Ions tend to attach to any nearby surface and this takes them out of the air. We have elevated and separated the Emission heads from the main unit body in an effort to reduce Ions emitted from being wasted. Our Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers have two emission heads, with 22 emission points each, and these emission points in turn have many fibres. This spreads out the voltage to thousands of release points, reducing noise, and reducing the chance of unwanted Ozone being produced. Our Negative Ion Generators are designed to give the best Negative Ion output possible whilst eliminating the chance of positive ions being produced.

You don't offer NaturAir Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers with my country's power plug, what can I do?
As we only manufacture in china, we have selected the 3 main power plugs (USA, UK and European) to begin with. As orders come in we will add to this list. Currently the only option is to buy the unit with a power plug that you can easiest find an adapter for. Adapters are fairly cheap and can be found in most large grocery stores these days.

Are NaturAir Negative Ion Generators safe for pets?
We have three cats in our home, and have no issues at all. They tend to stay away from the Negative Ion Generator due to the strong static being generated within the Ionizer's immediate vicinity. The Ionizer should be placed off the ground, and out of reach of dogs who might see them as a chew toy. An elevated area facing open air is the best location for your NaturAir Ionizers. Negative ions are found abundantly in nature, and studies show they are 100% required for a healthy body.

Will a NaturAir Negative Ion Generator cause "Black wall"
Black wall is not caused by Negative Ions themselves, but by the immediate area around the ionizer being slightly electrically charged and attracting the pollution and unwanted particles in the air to stick to the surface. Any powerful Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer will end up producing this effect. The only way to avoid it, is to buy a weak ionizer, but this will also prevent any real benefit from being obtained. We can reduce the effect with effective placement of the ionizer.

What upkeep is required with NaturAir Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers?
We would recommend wiping the Ionizer outer casing with a damp cloth once a week to once a month. Please ensure the unit is turned off prior to cleaning it. Also, the immediate area around the Negative Ion generator / Ionizer should be wiped with a damp cloth. This gives a good indication of how well these units function. The dirt you are wiping up, would have been floating around in the air, and eventually end up in your lungs or the lungs or your loved ones.

How can i tell if my NaturAir Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer is working?
Our Negative Ion generators come with a power light and you can also feel the "Ion breeze" in front of the emission head with the BACK OF YOUR HAND. This breeze can be felt, depending on conditions, up to 10 cm (4 Inches) away with the Twin Air and up to 20 cm (8 Inches) away with the Twin Air Pro. There should be no smell and the air will have a static feel to it. This static effect is only very close to the emission head itself due to the very high ion output. Please note, when humidity is low these figures can fall to as low as 1 inch.

Where should I place my NaturAir Negative Ion generator?
The best area to place it is on the edge or shelf, table or similar elevated area. Ideally away from other nearby objects with the Ionizer front facing open air. This allows the maximum amount of ions to end up in the air where they can get to work instead of being attracted to nearby objects. The ionizer should NEVER BE PLACED IN A CONFINED AREA due to the large amount of ions produced. The corner of a room facing the biggest area of open air is ideal. Ionizers should not be placed within 1 meter (3 Feet) from other electrical appliances or metallic objects. Being placed too close to other objects can cause noise and unwanted ozone production to take place.

How long will NaturAir a Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer last?
Our Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers are all designed and manufactured to have a minimum operating life of 50 000 hours (5.7 Years continuous use). This is well above the 30 000 hour requirement that most electrical appliances are manufactured to. The ion count will start to drop after 3 years of use and we recommend replacing the units every 3 years.

Are there any Negative side effects to Negative ions?
We have searched high and low for any studies that show negative effects from exposure to high quantities of negative ions and have never found a single one. I have 3 NaturAir Twin Air Pro ionizers in my home, and as time has passed we have only noticed an improvement to our health.

Which NaturAir Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer is right for me?
The difference between our Twin Air Negative Ion Generator and Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator is the amount of ions that are emitted. For larger open spaced rooms, we would recommend the Twin Air Pro, and for smaller rooms the Twin Air model. Small rooms we would consider as any room less than 3mx3m (10x10feet).

How long will it take to receive my order?
We have been growing our stock levels and most orders are now shipped the same day they are received. We try our best not to run out of stock, but in the unlikely event that this happens, manufacturing time can take between 2-5 days. We ship 99% of packages within 24 hours. Shipping time via FedEx ranges between 2-4 working days depending on location but normally products are received within 5 days of being ordered.

My NaturAir Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer feels warm.
A NaturAir Negative Ion Generator main body does get warm when operating in a room where there is no air flow. They are electrical devices and will feel warm to the touch, however will never be that hot that it is uncomfortable to touch (Only touch after the device has been switched off). This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned with.

I just received my Twin Air Pro unit and I feel slightly light-headed after turning it on.
The Twin Air Pro, due to the amount of ions being released, will greatly enhance the amount of oxygen your body is able to absorb. This can cause a feeling of dizziness/light-headedness for a couple of days. The effect normally dissipates by the 3rd day. It is nothing to worry about, and just requires you to ease into the use of the Ionizer until your body is accustomed to the increased oxygen.

My NaturAir Ioniser is intermittently noisy
During the first 24 hours of operation the dust levels in a room are very high. This dust can have an effect on the ioniser but it auto corrects and will go silent again. Placement of the ionizer is important and we need to ensure that there is sufficient space to the sides, back and top of the Ioniser (10 Inches/25cm) . Inside the packaging there is an A4 sheet with helpful instructions to ensure you get the most of of your NaturAir Ioniser, please read it if you have any questions regarding care and placement of your new product.

The "intensity" of the Ionizer seems to have diminished.

Our ability to "feel" the negative ion output will vary depending on humidity and dust levels. As humidity drops and air becomes dryer so too does the distance at which we can feel the ion breeze and static sensation. This does not mean the ionizer is producing less ions, but that we cannot feel it as clearly. Our ionizers pump out trillions of negative ions for a good few years before the ion count drops and even then they are more powerful that most brand new ionizers available on the market.

We have also introduced heat sensors which will put the ionizer into low power-mode if it is overheating. To reset it turn it off, let it cool down for an hour and then double check you have adhere to placement instructions. Once you are certain you have your ionizer placed according to usage instructions turn it back on and output will be as it should.

The power-light seems to have "fallen" off it's intended spot.

The power-light source is located deep within the ionizer and the external point showing it is about an inch away. The light flows along a small plastic tube to a point on top of the negative ion generator to show it is on. We can sometimes see the light source shining on the side of the ionizer but this is completely normal and doesn't mean anything internal moved or has been damaged.

Can I use an Ionizer with incense or scented candles?

We 100% recommend you not use incense, scented candles or anything of similar function at the same time as having any ionizer (not just our products, any ionizer) running in the same room. The ionizer will attract these particles which over time will clog up the emission fibres and severely reduce output and product life.

Is it OK to use a humidifier with an ionizer?

We do not recommend using a humidifier with an ionizer in the same room. Humidifiers put every particle contained in the water you use into the air and many of these particles can cause quite extensive damage to your health over time. If they then become ionized, they are even more potent and will cause damage much quicker. Things like Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, PCB's, Arsenic, Perchlorate, Dioxins, DDT, HCB, Dacthal and MtBE to name a few are found in our drinking water. The humidifier is not to blame, it's the quality of water being used that is the problem. If you do use a humidifier, please ensure the water used is completely free of any chemicals (Do not use tap water)

Why does the ionizer need so much space to the sides, back and top with the front facing open air.

These distances are required to ensure the correct function of your NaturAir ionizer. They are incredibly strong and the distances are to ensure the correct dispersal of negative ions. Failure to adhere to these distances can cause excess ozone being produced, excess noise being produced and the ionizer overheating which can result in it failing long before it is meant to.

Why can it not be placed close to electronic devices?

Negative ions are effectively electricity in the air and things like laptops, tv's, computer screens etc. all work with very controlled voltages in their circuitry. Negative ions in large enough concentrations can cause them to short circuit. We recommend not having electrical devices within 1 meter (3 feet) to the sides, back and top of the ionizer and no electronic device directly in front of the ionizer for 2 meters (6 and a half feet). This is to protect your devices and not so much to protect the ionizer. As you become more familiar with an ionizer and how it functions these distances can be reduced. Please note the 10 inches of space directly around the ionizer can never be lessened. 

Why does it need to be placed away from metallic objects.

As stated before negative ions are electricity in the air and metallic objects "absorb" and conduct electricity. Things like wardrobe rails and fan covers end up absorbing the current and creating sparks and noise. The distances away from metallic objects is to prevent stubborn static shocks and noise from being generated. Metal in walls or metal fitting under shelves don't really matter and do not need to be considered. As you become more familiar with negative ions and their behaviour, these distances can be reduced as required. Please note the 10 inches of space directly around the ionizer can never be lessened.