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Feedback and Testimonies

Testimonies,reviews and feedback provided by our happy customers about their NaturAir products. They will be added as we receive them at or as they are added to Amazon. All testimonies show their channel and the Amazon reviews can be verified.

Kenneth ( Twin Air Pro

We purchased two machines after reading scientific reports about people who suffer from migraines, allergy like symptoms, lethargy, etc. related to sudden changes in the weather. My wife and I often start feeling terrible two days before a new weather pattern even arrives. We long assumed it was due to barometric pressure changes. We eventually figured out that the barometric pressure changes didn't happen that early and it had to something else. I found the research that confirmed that we were not imagining it, that roughly 1/3 of the population are sensitive to positive Ions which often accompany weather changes. Negative Ions are produced by waves, waterfalls, and after lightning storms (we always felt better in these situations but never knew why. We had noticed that the bad spells were getting longer and longer with shorter breaks in between as we aged. I never knew of a day where a sudden spring warm up happened where my wife wouldn't be in bed with a migraine and miserable while it was sunny and beautiful outside. Fortunately (unfortunately for me) I believed her as I have the same sensitivities.

All that to get to the point where we decided to invest in a negative ionizer. We bought these as we needed a high output and figured we could try them out and if they didn't work we would send them back within the 30 days.

The same day within 2 hours I felt better but tried to remain skeptical and asked my wife and she agreed but decided to wait out the 30 days before deciding. We then made the mistake of just leaving the units on 24/7 and after 3 days felt the same old symptoms. I had purchased an ion tester and they definitely were barely working. We decided to send them back and the seller responded back with an email saying to let them cool off and retry. We did and they were working again as good as new!

In conclusion, they will not be going back, ever. We have only had one episode of a day with headaches and that was when they quit working which actually convinced us how effective they are. I cannot sit in front of them all day and can feel pretty bad by the time i get home but after spending 1 hour by the generator I feel my energy come back, two hours and I feel 99% better and back up and around!

Oh, by the way, they also clean the air which should help with our allergies.!

Update: Recommended to a coworker because he has the same type of problems but worst of all he does not sleep well at night. The first night he used it he came into work and told me he slept 7 hours straight through!

Cacey ( Twin Air Pro

Great negative Ion Generator! These should be installed in all homes, especially in urban environments. I started using it by letting it run for an hour or two before going to bed, to allow myself to acclimate to breathing the charged air, and now (about a week later) I let it run all night, and am definitely feeling a difference in my breathing and energy levels. I move it around the house to different rooms to charge the air up (Will eventually buy a few more), and I also bring it to work with me as I am currently renovating an old house and this small unit helps keep the dust and mold down, while freshening up the air and removing those old house odors. It is quite powerful, if you stand directly in front of the unit for a few seconds then touch a doorknob or metallic object you will get a static shock, nothing painful but its a good way to know that it is working!

Marvin W Hillman ( Twin Air

The REAL DEAL when it comes to negative ion generators. Very happy with this purchase!

Marvin W Hillman ( Twin Air Pro

Very good negative ion output with no positive ions or ozone! I have been using a couple of months. So far it is the best I have tested!

J Maclachlan ( Twin Air Pro

This is indeed one of the few of these products that delivers as the you tube video on it demonstrates. If you want the most powerful unit out there, this is the one for you.

LoveAmazonAZ ( Twin Air Pro

Hi, I live in dusty Chandler, AZ, right off a major freeway. Have been using for about a week now & am very impressed. The unit emitted a lot of sound at first, but quieted down after a few days, after the air was cleaned. I just ordered a second unit so I can have One running in both the bedroom and living room. I had been using many Himalayan salt lamps, but wanted something that generated more negative ions. I ordered a negative ion meter, so I will update this review after the meter arrives. Have noticed huge increase in morning mental clarity, very important to me. Worth every penny and hope the units hold up a long time. Alex.

Vic ( Twin Air Pro

Initially, the Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator worked great. Unfortunately, it stopped working after a few months.

The Very Good News: I have been contacted by NaturAir and after shipping back the damaged one, a new product was shipped along with full reimbursement for my shipping cost.

Things happen, even to good products. The people at the company make the difference. I highly recommend NaturAir. Thank you Rudolf for the great service!

The ionizer is very powerful and you can definitely tell that it works

T49Y ( Twin Air Pro

Sitting On The Bed Pluged In ! The Ion Metter Pegs Out On The Big Minus One ! At Over Two Feet Away ! At Four Feet Where Breathing Occurs ! A -800 Readout ! Another Pegout Six Inches From The Nose ! Awesome ! Is This Ten Times Stronger Then My Best Machine ? Sinus Dried Up ! Hay Fever ? Dried Up Too ! Thanks Again Amazon ! Toying with getting another !

VizVij ( Twin Air Pro

I have two 2017 Pro version of these model. I always had problem breathing from my nose, instead used to breath from mouth quite a lot, but since these machines ON I have started breathing again via nose most of the time. After couple of months one machine stopped working and got it replaced quickly by seller without much of hassle.

Michael USA (Direct) Twin Air Pro

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for making these negative ion generators. I purchased the Pro unit and am so impressed by this product. (I will probably own a second unit by the end of the year.) It has been difficult to find a unit this powerful or classy since around 1990 when there was a company called Zestron that made a three-needle unit that was quite good, solid state, etc... But even that was nowhere near the power of your units.


Gardener ( Twin Air Pro

I like the product a lot. Minus one star, because I had to return the first unit when it failed after 4 months. The company replaced it, provided great service and paid the return shipping. I won't leave the unit on 24/7, to extend the life, but it does have a lot of power.

Gardener ( Twin Air Pro

Very pleased with this purchase


Aiden ( Twin Air Pro

The product is neat and it can generate tons of neg. ion. The seller is wonderful, too, with very honest and respectful manners. Will certainly recommend to anyone who need this kind of products.


Ellen ( Twin Air Pro

Item arrived, well-packaged, on time, and in good condition.


ME ( "Twin Air"

Works very well. I bought a tester to be sure it was really putting out the ions it claimed. It does.

Sedar (Direct) Twin Air Pro

I can say without a fact that it has helped me very much not only does it make the air feel fresher but makes me feel much better and i am sure this is not a placebo because after just two days of turning it off I become worse again because I am in a room with loads of electronic products that just produce loads of positive ions with makes me lethargic. I plan on buying one for my mother who has depression and chronic pain as I have seen it work for me. 

William W ( Twin Air Pro

I bought this product on a whim as I am a military veteran who suffers from lasting effects of exposure to chemicals and other agents from my time in the military. I have difficulty sleeping and wanted a negative ion generator primarily for the function of helping me to rest, as well as reducing the amount of airborne dust due to my allergies as well. The high negative ion production with low ozone is What attracted me to this unit.

I placed the unit within six feet of my bed, on top of my dresser. I have a fan behind the unit which helps to circulate the air in the room past it as it functions. One of the amazing things I've noticed is that I have much less dust in the room on the furniture now, as it seems to mostly fall to the floor. I also noticed that I am resting better at night when I'm sleeping, I have not checked the negative ion output with an ion detector, but I am sure it is working as I can hear the air hissing through it. I will buy a second unit to put in my living room which shares room with my study as well. A very good buy if you are interested in the benefits of negative ions!

I bought the higher output model and am certainly glad I did!

Amazon Customer ( Twin Air Pro

This is a fabulous negative Ionizer.....light weight therefore very portable. The manufacturer is extremely accessible and very forthcoming in all respects. I highly recommend this machine. I have chemical sensitivities that were worsened during and after a big the point that I cannot live in my home. Along with a couple other machines, this Twin Pro Ionizer is helping to make the air healthy again. The great part about the negative ion generator is that it can be used all the actually is a very healthy machine to have in the home....> as in living by the sea and getting nature's negative ions directly!

Carole ( Twin Air Pro

Seller was so prompt, so informative. He aided me, a great deal, to be sure I was purchasing the machine that would help me regain my health after renovations and the resultant off-gassing. I've never experienced a company to be as forthcoming! A delight! This machine I will use in our city home forever. I am by the sea in the country (with natural neg. ions), but not in the city... 

Jerome ( Twin Air Pro

Great product. Prompt service (I had a small issue that got solved the very same day). Happy customer :) 

Kurt ( Twin Air Pro

Very happy with this awesome product, many levels above anything else in the 'ion generator' category. Super fast delivery...AAA+++

Allan ( Twin Air Pro

Hello, I received all three units in a very short period of time. I am very pleased with these units as I have researched and purchased other devices and they do not compare to the output that these devices produce. I have an ion detector and these devices put out A Way More negative ions then other devices I have purchased!!!

Elena ( Twin Air Pro

Probably the best Ionizer you'll find in a market. I did a big research online before to purchase this one. It's very powerful and looking good also. The costumer service it's great! The owner answer very quickly to all your question. I'll be purchasing another one of these for my bedroom.

Sketty7721 ( Twin Air

I purchased this item as I have asthma and allergies. So far so good. I can honestly say the dust particles that used to float around are no more. You can hear the unit 'crackle' when it attaches to particles. Plan to purchase the pro unit also.

On a side note, the shipment was fast and the seller genuinely interested in helping.

Blake ( Twin Air Pro

I bought one of these from their website and absolutely love the product. So much so that I figured it was due for a review.

How it compares:

I first bought a IonicPurifier. It's suppose to be a small ionizer that plugs into a wall socket and pumps out ions but it seems to pump out so few that the ions don't fill the room enough to purify the air. I then tried a Wein VI-2500 which pumps out a lot of ions but it made a hideous whistling sound and smelled like burnt plastic, which I came to find out was ozone. The ozone it produced was rather high, just from the smell alone that was obvious.

Enter NaturAir. This thing pumps out SO MANY NEGATIVE IONS that you can actually feel it from at least a foot away. On top of that, no noticeable ozone unless you have your face right next to it. So it produces so little that it's negligible. This thing is also virtually silent. The only time I hear anything is when larger dust particles or hair/fur (we have a cat, so it flies through the house sometimes) gets swept up into the area that the negative ions are most condensed in.

I love the fact that this thing has a switch to turn it on and off too. Not all are made with one, go figure.

Easily spread throughout a 10 x 11 Foot room as well.

End result:

1. Pumps out hundreds of trillions of ions.
2. You notice a difference in the room and after exposure each day, certain health benefits popped up. I can tell my kidneys have improved. I use to pee like 3 times a night for years and I'm young. Now once or not at all. It shifted after a couple of months of using this thing.
3. No ozone = healthier quality air all around
4. It keeps the room a bit cooler when it's hot and ironically I can't tell a difference when it's cold.

MyName ( Twin Air Pro

This product comes with some stipulations due to the enormous ion output, but since that is its job, it definitely works! Had a problem with mine after a couple of weeks (probably got damaged in shipping), the owner was really helpful with all of my questions and had a new one sent out immediately when it stopped working. Very happy with it and hope it helps improve the health in our home.

Tim - USA (Direct) Twin Air pro

...the output from your machine is amazing. At least 100X more powerful than any ion generator I've ever seen.

Ibraham - USA ( Twin Air Pro

I purchased this device recently and can not put into words how amazing a product it has been for me, I am very big into spirituality and I can attest to the amazing things I have experienced while using the generator, it made the environment around me feel more lighter and peaceful it also helped me to manifest my intentions 100% faster! You can definitely feel the difference when using it and the level of customer service with the company is outstanding. They are very fast and responsive with answering any questions or concerns I had and go above and beyond to help. I am definitely happy I ordered this and will definitely be ordering a second one for the bedroom. I have used other similar Negative Ion generators before and let me tell you, none can compare as far as quality and performance goes no other unit even comes close to this one. Order it and experience it for yourself and you will fall in love.

Stan - USA (Direct) Twin Air Pro

Thanks! Everything is great and the quality is the best I have ever seen.

Alex - USA (Direct) Twin Air Pro

I’ve recently discovered your product (Twin Air Pro) and was surprised how powerful and effective it was. I’m originally from Russia and I’ve had an experience of dealing with real Chizhevsky lamps, your unit is the closest available option so far.

Lin - USA (Direct) Twin Air Pro

Thank you for checking with me about the products! My grandmother received them last Saturday. I would have placed the order sooner had I known she had pneumonia. Glad that I am helping her at its early stage.


I have been feeling more positive ever since I started using the ionizer. I was honestly uncomfortable with dizziness at first, but after that, I became progressively alert and energetic. The machine also helps eliminate my nasal congestion entirely. My grandmother is enjoying a more noticeable difference in air quality. She has found it very pleasant to breathe in her own bedroom.


Jay - United Kingdom ( Twin Air pro

After quite some research about the health benefits of negative ions i decided to look into the best ion generators. I found that many generators didn't come close to their claims and even gave off harmful Ozone, so when i cam across NaturAir Pro Purifier i was really excited, I saw a video online that showed the negative ion count on a meter, and the 0 ozone given off so that helped me make my decision. I can only describe it as making a fresh air feeling inside the home.

I've noticed that my wife who used to sneeze a lot, hasn't been quite so much. i can only assume that's due to the negative ions bonding with the dust in the air and falling to the ground to be vacuumed up. There's definitely less hoovering and dusting to be done even after 1 week of running it 24 hrs a day.

Really pleased with this, ill be buying another for the bedroom as this is the quietest unit I've seen.

Antonio - Hong Kong ( Twin Air Pro

I recently purchased one directly from the website and I can honestly say that it does exactly what it says. I suffer from really bad allergies and after using this product for a few days I have noticed a huge difference. I would recommend this for everyone to buy!!!!

Carlos - Canada ( Twin Air Pro

Amazing product and excellent, prompt customer service. Good communication and took time to answer my questions with regard to the product. I will definitely buy again from this seller

John - United States ( Twin Air Pro

Excellent product and excellent customer service. This unit is much more powerful than my old unit which claimed to produce 450 trillion ions. Amazing difference in air quality while running this unit. Fedex damaged my first order but the owner sent a replacement right away. I didn't even have to send the damaged unit back. This company really cares about what they sell. Great quality and service.

Thomas - United States ( Twin Air Pro

Started using a Twin Air Pro this week, and also use the Twin Air standard model. Spouse has the standard unit on a bed stand away from electric devices and pointed towards her breathing space. She already notices differences is air quality and sleep quality. This is pretty good considering she has had thyroid issues which affect her sleep. I have a approx. 15x15x10 small bedroom which I started using the Pro unit in 2 days ago. I can't begin to explain what an amazing transformation in air quality and sleep quality I have had. I started a breathing exercise adjacent the Pro unit as well for long term benefits of negative ion exposure. When you walk in the room it's like a "blast" of clean air to contrast what is in the hallway. I live in an urban area (Chicagoland) and right near a major Highway. The customer service I have received is directly from the man who created the product and the company. He cares about what he is selling, and is trustworthy. Can't go wrong with either, but I am biased to the Pro Unit!!

Top 500 Reviewer ( Twin Air Pro

I plugged the device in and set it on my stand and immediately was hit with what I call an ionic breeze, you could actually feel the ions blowing out of this thing and there were no funny smells in sight which was a great sign. I kept it on the stand for a few days before I started to notice it making a slight whining noise which concerned me so I emailed the manufacturer.They promptly replied and told me that it requires around 12 inches of space all round and to be placed quite high for optimal efficiency and airflow. Armed with this information I placed it as directed on top of a cupboard (make sure you wipe it down to clean the dust off first) and it was back to being silent.The difference between this and my regular device is immense, as mentioned earlier my nostrils block up at the slightest hint of pollution, dust or dander in the air and since I’ve been basking in the negative ion opulence I can breath perfectly and clearly through both nostrils all of the time.

ThrilledToPieces ( Twin Air Pro

Okay---where do I begin to count the ways...? I am lucky--I have little to complain about but my husband is a cigar smoker. We actually built on a window-rich man-cave/porch so he can smoke out there. The space is SO pleasant except for the smoke and smell--it just breaks my heart. We bought a big air scrubber that has consistently under-performed in its job--so we recently bought a purifier that was also an ionizer. While we loved it, filters were not available for purchase, so we purchased one that is true-hepa but not an ionizer. We quickly realized what we loved about the first one, and that was the negative ion production. I really don't know the difference between this "Pro" model and its non-pro counterpart--other than a few dollars. I originally thought I'd be moving this one from place to place to enjoy ion showers wherever I wanted. This is a powerful instrument. The smoking porch is loaded with electronics and metals---the charge on this generator is a little scary (maybe more than a little) so once I had it set in the perfect place (which turned out to be about the only place for it), I didn't want to touch it again except to turn it off. Any inconvenience involved in operating the Twin Air Pro is completely negated by the job it does on smoke. As a non-smoker, I am more than aware of the lingering smell of cigar smoke on everything it touches, including my body and clothing. Once you're aware, it never leaves your nostrils. Of course, the furniture and walls are infused so the room isn't really pleasant for anybody BUT the cigar smoker himself. The Twin Air happened to arrive while my husband was gone--so I set it up and turned it on. Some of the reviews report an energizing feeling that sounds like a bother. I, on the other hand, stretched out on the couch to experience negative ions and was asleep in seconds. The Twin Air Pro is absolutely silent. If you point your head toward it, you'll feel the bombardment by all those negative ions you've been missing out on. We had people in--people who I am sure have had to go home before and hang their clothing outside having been awash in cigar smoke on a few occasions. I am ultra sensitive to that smell---and I could not smell any, old or current! We pointed out our new "steam punk" appliance, spewing ions that were battling (and winning) over the smoke and everybody was very impressed. The air has a crispness that was formerly unexpected at this house. It's pricey--but worth every penny. If it keeps churning out the ions at least at the rate my husband churns out smoke, I will be grateful and happy.