Debit/Credit Card Payments

Detailed instructions on making a payment using a Debit or Credit card without having a paypal account.

1. On the "NaturAir Products" page choose the Product you want ensuring you select the colour and type of unit you require such as UK or USA.


2. Once you have selected your unit select "Add to cart" just below the red box and the following dialogue box will load. Choose "Checkout" .

3. This loads the checkout page which allows you to review your order, choose your location and select your payment method as showing in blue.

4. Select your payment method as PAYPAL as shown by the red box, accept the terms and conditions and click on "Secure Check Out".

5. Enter your details on our secure page and click next.

6. Review and ensure all details are correct prior to making your payment. When ready choose "Buy now"

7. Enter your Payment Details in the "Paypal Guest Checkout" area and select "Pay Now".

This allows you to make a payment with a Debit or Credit card but still have the security and peace of mind provided by paypal without actually needing to open an account with them.