Power Plug

  1. Our Twin Air (standard) Ionizer emits trillions of Negative Ions with the measurement at 12 inches being over 100 Million Ions/cc.
  2. Produces No Ozone and No positive Ions.
  3. Runs Quietly and very energy efficient.
  4. Covers up to 430 square feet.
  5. Size 3in * 7in * 12in
  6. Requires minimum 7 inches of space all around it.
  • Even though this is our standard Ionizer, it is incredibly strong compared to pretty much every other ionizer on the market. Measurements of over 100 million ions/cc are taken at 12 Inches, with the ion count directly next to the emission point being in the trillions. The Ionizer runs silently and emits a very strong ion breeze. All this while using less than 8 watt of electricity, something you won't even notice on your electricity bill.
  • This model is ideal for smaller rooms or rooms where there might be a concern regarding other electronic devices. Although the weaker of the two, it is still incredibly strong and should not be placed within 1 meter of electronic devices. They are not very big devices and the comment most often received is how small they actually are.
  • Years of research and design changes have lead to this amazing negative ion generator. Emitting 100 million ions as measured 30 cm away. Add to this our extremely low Ozone output of less than 0.015ppm
  • The air is purified by the use of ions. There are no filters to replace, and no additional running costs to worry about. Plug the ionizer in, and enjoy the benefits for many years to come.
  • All units are quality tested prior to shipping to ensure our customers receive only the best products.

NB. The ionizer should not be touched while operational. The two towers build up an electrical charge which is part of the function. It is a by-product of the very very high amount of negative ions that are released.

Products should not be placed within 3 feet of electronic devices like laptops and tv's and the front should not directly face them up to a distance of 6 feet.