NaturAir Twin Air Titan Negative ion Generator

Twin Air Titan
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Our new NaturAir Twin Air Titan emits trillions of negative ions with the measurement at 12 inches being well over 300 million ions/cc

Produces no ozone or positive ions

Almost double the output of the NaturAir twin air pro

Covers up to 640 feet (Increased saturation)

Size 3 inches * 7 inches * 13 inches

Requires a minimum 2 feet of space all around it

One year warranty

After many requests for an even stronger ionizer we have finally finished the Twin Air Titan.

It's our most powerful Room Ionizer and will flood the air with Negative ions in no time. This is the exact definition of an Ionizer purifier, emitting an enormous amount of negative ions that effortlessly clean the air.

The unit will run near enough silently with the occasional crackle however will flood the air with negative ions in way that has not been seen before in any other household or room ionizer.

It's quite commonly accepted and many studies have shown ions to benefit physical performance and healing so this is the perfect addition to any area where you practice any form of exercise or give any classes. Be ready to see your strength, endurance, recovery, flexibility and stillness increase.Studies conducted in the USA and Russia showed strength increases of 10-20% and endurance up to 200% in athletes exercising in a negatively saturated area when compared to those doing the same exercises in a normal non ionized area.

NB. The Air Ionizer should not be touched while operational. The two towers build up an electrical charge which is part of the function. It is a by-product of the very very high amount of negative ions that are released.

Products should not be placed within 3 feet of electronic devices like laptops and tv's and the front should not directly face them up to a distance of 6 feet

This is a strong ionizer, if not correctly placed can cause static shocks, burn out electrical equipment and cause excess ozone to be produced.

It is 100% not to be purchased by anyone new to negative ions generators or who have not owned our Twin Air Pro or a equivalent strength ionizer.

Product Specifications


Twin Air Titan


182 x 79 x 312mm

Input voltage


Input current




Output voltage



15K±0.5 Hz

Density of anion

Over 300 Million (12 inches)

Remainder O3