NaturAir Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator

Twin Air Pro
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Trillions of ions released per second with the measurement at 12 inches being over 200 million ions/cc.

Produces no ozone or positive ions

More than double the output of the twin air

Covers 640 square feet

Size 3 inches * 7 inches * 12 inches

Requires a minimum space of 12 inches to the back, sides and top of the ionizer with the front facing open air.

One year warranty

It is incredibly strong and if you have never owned an ionizer please think twice before buying this one (Our Twin Air would be a better option).

If you have a large room with some space, this air ionizer is the perfect fit. It's the exact definition of a strong ionizer purifier and can fill large rooms with negative ions extremely quickly.

Sensitive people might find that the very high negative ions count causes light-headedness in the first few days. This is caused by the increased oxygen intake and is nothing to be concerned about.

This is the best Home air ionizer you can buy. It's a high density conora discharge Negative ion generator that produces no ozone and no positive ions. A true ionic air purifier.

NB. The ionizer should not be touched while operational. The two towers build up an electrical charge which is part of the function. It is a by-product of the very very high amount of negative ions that are released.

Products should not be placed within 3 feet of electronic devices like laptops and tv's and the front should not directly face them up to a distance of 6 feet.

Product Specifications


Twin Air Pro


182 x 79 x 312mm

Input voltage


Input current




Output voltage



15K±0.5 Hz

Density of anion

Over 200 Million (12 inches)

Remainder O3